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  • 22/09/2017
    Wysips®Cameleon solar glazing wins Innovation Gold Medal

    Sunpartner Technologies’ Wysips® Cameleon solar glazing won the Gold Medal for Innovation ahead of the upcoming Batimat trade show. Scooping the award in the Building Envelope and Structure category, Wysips® Cameleon transforms building facades into energy producing units with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

    Setting a new gold standard

    The international panel of judges were particularly impressed with the product’s environmental features and how it gives architects the scope to design ever more innovative and environmentally friendly buildings. It also gives them free reign from an aesthetic point of view as Wysips®Cameleon doesn’t sacrifice design in favour of either efficiency or functionality.

    The win for Sunpartners Technologies’s Wysips®Cameleon was all the more remarkable as it was the first time ever that the company founded only nine years ago entered the competition.

    Wysips®Cameleon will be presented at the Batimat building and construction materials trade fair, which will be taking place in Paris, November 6-10.

    Wysips®Cameleon key features

    + Large choice of high-end aesthetic design and colours
    + Customisable solar energy solution
    + Photovoltaic modules suitable to any type of building facade or cladding
    + 2-in-1 solution for optimised solar energy production and thermal insulation
    + Lower energy costs for buildings
    + Improved energy efficiency
    + 80-95% performance rating of standard photovoltaic panels (100 Wc/mÇ)


    Translation: MW Communication