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  • 29/09/2015
    The sun could soon be charging your phone

    Smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks: we live in a world dominated by smart mobile devices. While the world may be a better connected place, users are united by a common gripe: battery life, or rather the lack of it.

    Could solar power be the answer? One French company, Sunpartner Technologies, have developed solar technology – which they call ‘What you see is photovoltaic surface’ or Wysips.

    According to the company, Wysips is « based on assembling a thin, photovoltaic surface with a network of micro-lenses » which they say ensures the cells are « invisible to the naked eye. » As soon as they are exposed to light, the photovoltaic cells are activated, and begin to charge or power up whatever device they are attached to.

    « Sunpartner Technologies developed the Wysips technology to bring photovoltaic transparent and invisible solutions to produce a source of energy closer to the consumer, » Ludovic Deblois, president of Sunpartner Technologies, told CNBC’s Sustainable Energy.

    How does the system work?

    « The Wysips technology is made of two parts, » Franck Aveline, Sunpartner’s R&D director, said. « One which is transforming light into energy, and an optical lens which makes the photovoltaic film invisible for the user. »

    The company’s Wysips Crystal technology can be integrated on to mobile devices – cell phones and e-readers, for example – during the manufacturing process.

    Sunpartner say that if a battery runs out of juice on the go, users can hold their screen up to a light source and recharge the phone, with « full self-sufficiency » possible for models that consume less energy: e-readers and cheaper cell phones, for example.

    Another feature developed by the company includes what they call Li-Fi. « Li-Fi is a data transmission technology where the light is a ‘data vector’, » Aveline said.

    « Our Wysips component, as well as producing energy, senses this information, » he added. « For example, if I move my mobile under a coded light it starts a video on it. »

    Earlier this year, Sunpartner raised 8.8 million euros ($9.64 million) in equity for the large scale production of its components.

    « We are today beginning… production and the first commercial products will be sold next year, » Deblois said.

    Link : CNBC