Sunpartner technologies news
  • 17/08/2016
    Sunpartner TECHNOLOGIES at Viva Technology in Paris

    Viva Technology’s first workshop was held in Paris late June and brought together over 45,000 people with start-ups, investors and large groups to accelerate business opportunities and define tomorrow’s global economy through innovation, technology and new business models.

    Ludovic Deblois, the CEO of Sunpartner, spoke during a keynote dedicated to how harnessing solar energy is an innovative, sustainable and value-added technology.

    Already recognized for its expertise in the area of photovoltaics renewable energy applied to small and medium sized connected objects (mobile phones, smart watches, accessories), Sunpartner also develops intelligent surfaces dedicated to buildings and transportation, while collaborating with key market players such as Vinci Construction. Integrated to windows, sunroofs and facades, Sunpartner solutions feed into embedded functions to make them autonomous (opacification, opening, lightening) while reducing installation costs, city energy bills and the transport carbon footprint.

    Through this approach, Sunpartner fully commits to future environmental sustainability, where everyone can produce their own energy, resell it, and contribute to new uses.