Sunpartner collaborates with IDOSENS to create an electronic platform to manage the functions of autonomous connected smart windows

Sunpartner Technologies and IDOSENS are convinced that self-powered and remotely connected smart window can accelerate the deployment of new glass functions out in the field, through its “plug and play” approach.

Both companies develop and industrialize the sensor platform and local communication modules (Bluetooth) and remote (LoRa via a private or public operator) through a partnership agreement signed in October 2016.
This platform, associated with Wysips® Glass, allows facade builders and window manufacturers to offer a smart window connected to the BMS (Building Management System). This solution ensures the control of all functions of the autonomous smart and connected window :

– Management and storage of solar energy
– Remote communication protocols
– Smart glass management (tactile, heating, sensors, dimming windows, etc)
– Integration and management of sensors
– Operating system to receive application programs.

François Hede, IDOSENS Founder and CEO, says: “Because intelligent glazing applications aimed by Sunpartner Technologies prefigure tomorrow’s building management system, IDOSENS is enthusiastic, as a specialist of data collection and transport solutions, to co-develop this innovation. This partnership allows us to meet the needs of key players in the construction market in a targeted and relevant manner. “