Sunpartner Technologies Has Increased Wysips® Crystal Power by 50% and Will Unveil a New Prototype Solar Smartphone Created with Kyocera at MWC 2016

The Kyocera rugged solar phone will be on demonstration at Sunpartner Technologies’ stand (Hall 5 – 5B21) during Mobile World Congress

Last year Sunpartner Technologies, the French specialist in innovative solar solutions, and Kyocera Corporation, a leading Japanese mobile phone maker, presented the first prototype for a solar-charging display at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. Since then, to respond to the market’s ever-changing needs, Sunpartner has worked to optimize the power of its pioneering invisible solar component, Wysips® Crystal—and has successfully met the challenge of increasing power-conversion efficiency.

Sunpartner Increases Performance of Wysips® Crystal by 50%
This year, at MWC, the renowned international trade show for mobile tech, Sunpartner Technologies will present a new working demo of a solar smartphone with a high-end screen and outstanding performance.
Sunpartner Technologies’ R&D team has reached an unprecedented level of yield: now only 3 minutes of exposure to light* are needed for 1 minute of smartphone talk time in the prototype that has been created with Kyocera—constituting a huge leap forward in solar charging technology for mobile devices.
To achieve this, Sunpartner Technologies has worked extensively on the optical performance of its Wysips® Crystal to integrate a full HD screen using highly innovative techniques.

An Enlightened Prototype
The new working demo phone to be unveiled at MWC 2016 uses a Kyocera smartphone with a 5-inch full HD screen.
The ruggedized, waterproof, drop-proof Kyocera smartphone is designed for outdoor activities (such as construction sites, trekking, or sports). With the addition of Wysips® Crystal, the phone creates its own perpetual energy reserves, producing electricity by capturing ambient light—a crucial feature as the battery life of mobile devices is a major challenge in today’s market.

Wysips® Crystal Enhances User Experience
Installed under the touchscreen during manufacturing, the invisible photovoltaic component Wysips® Crystal guarantees power reserves—while being entirely design-neutral. With the new technology, users will be able to continue to use their devices and access essential applications even when far from a traditional power source or in times of electrical blackout.
Wysips® Crystal is unique because it is the only solar component to combine optics and photovoltaics. Ultra-thin (≤ 0.58 mm), transparent (preserves visual quality and features) and powerful, it works with all types of screens.
With this new prototype, Sunpartner Technologies once again proves the superior performance of its Wysips® Crystal technology.
* Exposure of 1 SUN.

About Sunpartner Technologies
Sunpartner Technologies is an engineering company specializing in Solar NETs (New Energy Technologies). They develop invisible, transparent solar energy solutions that are completely design neutral and seamlessly integrate into target products. In particular, the company invented Wysips® (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface), which has 5 mature technologies: Wysips® Crystal for screens, Wysips® Glass integrated into glazing, Wysips® Cameleon for signs and billboards, Wysips® Reflect for reflective screens, and Wysips® Graphics for connected devices. Sunpartner Technologies regularly receives awards both for its innovation and from the business community, such as the Nobel Sustainability® Clean Tech Company award in 2013 and Technology Pioneer 2014 from the World Economic Forum. The company was also named one of the Top 100 Global Cleantech companies in 2014. Based in Aix-en-Provence (France), the company has a team of 53 employees.

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