Positive energy


Our devices are ever more connected and communicating. These technological advances can become burdensome if users are dependant on chargers or batteries that need replacing all too often. Sunpartner’s technologies respond to this challenge by increasing battery autonomy. Thus, our transparent Wysips® modules allow for smart watches to maintain their aesthetic identity as well as their traditional autonomy (eg: the LunaR smartwatch) and to significantly reduce the energy consumption of both OLED screens and other types of screens (this element has a higher energy requirement with mobile devices).

Security and peace of mind

Smartphones have revolutionized our daily lives: beyond a telephone function, they are used for paying for things, boarding cards, memo-pads, etc, making them an indispensable tool. By bringing an additional reserve of energy to the device (a last call, photo, message, etc), the Wysips® technology is a natural complement to any smartphone ensuring that whatever the circumstances, that last functionality will always be carried out.

Integrated connectivity

Wysips® opens up a range of possibilities and opportunities for new communicating devices. Just as the Internet of Things is taking off, Sunpartner is producing energy locally and on-site, all the while preserving the visual identity of devices: connected wristbands, watches and all types of devices that have a OLED type of screen can now offer an enriched user experience.

Light sensors

As a photovoltaic material, our Wysips® technology acts as a photo-detector. It can therefore also be integrated as an invisible light sensor in the device (ALS or LiFi). LiFi, aka Light-Fidelity, is a wireless communications method based on data transmission that uses visible light waves. Our component can thus act as a receiver of a LiFi channel. This usage as a LiFi receiver rather than a photodiode has numerous advantages. Our trials have demonstrated that today our components allow for a greater volume of Mbit/s to be received. This has led us to make possible the transmission of video via light.

Applications: Watches / Smartphones / Connected wristbands / any device with an OLED screen

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