Design & Performance alliance

Energy producing facades

Benefit from facades to produce energy that is fed back into the building. For either total or partial self-consumption, our technical team and our partners will put forward solutions best suited to the pattern of a building’s energy usage and will be on hand to advise on the necessary steps needed for fitting high performing photovoltaics.

Applications: Curtain walls / Skylights / Cladding for ventilated facades

The products developed by Sunpartner are suitable for the following applications:
Transforms the envelope of a building into energy-producing facade that is also aesthetically pleasing. Various designs available: standard, uniform and bespoke.The semi-transparent photovoltaic glazing that brings the comfort of natural light and solar protection, in addition to energy production.

Autonomisation of facades

Your facades are source of air and light, provided that you can control their contribution. Exploit the potential of facades to power smart functionalities:

  • Dynamic dimmable glazing
  • Motor of a blind, roller shutters
  • Motorised sun-shading devices
  • Controlled AC system
  • Sensors

Applications: Smart, energy self-sufficient windows

Combines semi-transparent photovoltaic glazing and adapted electronics that manage the production and storage of energy and powers various functionalities.