Facade specialist / Designer assembler / Frame maker

A quick and easy system to install,
similar to standard glass products

Sunpartner’s photovoltaic cladding and glazing products
are easy to fit in buildings:

  • The Wysips® Cameleon cladding panels use a standard fixing system, made up of a rail and fixing clips. Fitting is quick and easy in both portrait and landscape layout
  • Once installed, it is very simple to disassemble a module individually in the middle of the facade for replacement for example
  • Wysips® Glass panels are fitted in the same way as standard glazing. The glass composition is adapted to the project (laminated glass or insulated glass unit)
  • Electric connections are fitted in the same way as standard solar panels

Highlight your achievements

The integration of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), which allows for all of the surfaces of a building’s facade to be used to generate its power requirements — opaque, windowed, _xed, openable, will be growing. In the current ecological context, is makes possible to integrate green energy in buildings, particularly through labels and regulations.

Two products in one

Our products, in addition to having a main function (cladding or glazing), produce energy. The envelope of the building becomes active, while keeping the desired aesthetics.

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