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Our goal: to make the buildings of tomorrow a positive source of energy

2015: 195 nations and the European Union sign up to the Paris Accords at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). It is the first ever treaty uniting the international community in the fight against climate change, one of the major challenges of the 21st century. The Accords commit the signatories to ensure that the rise in global temperature levels do not exceed 2°C compared to pre-industrial times.
Despite only 147 nations having so far gone on to ratify the Accords, awareness of the issue has led to a global wake-up call.
More than ever, regulations currently in force and those that are to come favour the construction of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs), which both reduce energy requirements and produce energy on-site. Sunlight being available everywhere, photovoltaic solar power is particularly well suited to the demands that will be made on the cities of tomorrow: zero waste, no greenhouse gas emissions and helping fight climate change.

French legislation related to the energy transition for green growth (LTEVC) published on 18 August 2015 together with related action plans aim to enable France to contribute more effectively against climate disruption and towards environmental conservation.
Greenhouse gas (GHG*) and final energy consumption (FEC**) in France:

  • Buildings account for 20% of GHG
  • Buildings account for 44% of FEC
* Greenhouse gas (GHG*) are gaseous components that absorb infrared radiation emitted at ground-level and contribute to the greenhouse effect.
** Final energy consumption (FEC) is the total energy consumed by end users. It is the energy that reaches the final consumer’s door and excludes that which is used by the energy sector itself, including for deliveries and various transformations.

Sunpartner, supporting companies in the energy transition

Given that energy consumption is one of the major challenges in the coming years, we have created solutions integrated into buildings’ ecosystems.
Our expertise in the production of solar energy and glass has led us to develop a range of semi-transparent glazings and claddings adapted to the vision of a smart and responsible building.
A unique knowhow for a customized answer for projects

> Photovoltaics: 10 years’ experience producing photovoltaic solutions, feasibility studies and power calculation

> Glass: we adapt our products to specific fitting type, glass composition and standards.

More aesthetically pleasing and transparent, the combination of photovoltaics and glass offers markedly different solutions to standard solar panels and are easily integrated into buildings without altering the glazing’s primary function or its fitting (facades, windows, curtain walls, etc).

Production line in Rousset (France)

For high performing, sustainable buildings

Our photovoltaic solutions will help buildings obtain green labels and certifications.
Ours is a collaborative working approach around the construction of high performing buildings that comply with the most advanced environmental standards.

Sunpartner supports you throughout your project

Personalized support for architects, facade specalists, and technical assessment office, layout, estimated production, writing assistance for technical specifications.