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Installing our photovoltaic glass on buildings is part of an adding value plan for assets

In order to achieve higher ratings of new labels and energy regulations (BREEAM, E+C-, BEPOS, etc) and to prepare for the new RT2020 (2020 Nearly Zero Energy Directive), energy from renewable sources needs to be produced on-site.
Sunpartner photovoltaic cladding and glass products, which can be integrated into buildings with zero impact on aesthetics, address this problem of maximizing on-site electricity production. Using facades facing East and West ensures production from early morning until late afternoon. Also, by limiting the impact of “midday peak” rooftop electricity production, storage capacity needs are reduced or deleted optimizing self-consumption rates.
In terms of image, a visible innovation needs to be installed on building facades so that energy produced can be used directly on-site.
By achieving the new Energy 3 rating in the E+C- regulation, a building moves the very forefront of environmental standards. Moreover in France, the Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) allows for a +30% constructability bonus with an Energy 3 rating.


The growing market of the smart windows

Our products can be used to generate energy within the facade: a curtain wall thus becomes “active” and produces energy for use within the building as self-consumption.
They can also make windows that integrate smart functionalities such as integrated blinds or dynamic dimmable windows self-sufficient in energy. The major benefit is not having to connect the functionalities, and to simplify the installation.
In the case of renovations, it is therefore possible to easily replace older windows with smart windows, because no connecting to an electrics system is necessary. This eliminates an entire cabling network that would have been needed without our photovoltaic glass.
For end-users, smart autonomous windows improves occupier wellbeing. Remote control of blinds for instance improves the user experience. Our connected solutions allow for easy management of the windows functionalities.


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