What is the regulatory context for buildings?

Several labels or certifications (Energy-Carbon (E+ C-) reference, Effinergie, Minergie, BREEAM, LEED) take into account onsite energy production, allowing for the highest certification ratings. In a very concrete way with regards to the E+C- framework, our photovoltaic glass helps achieve a level 3 rating for the energy parameter. For commercial and office property, just installing solar panels on the roof is invariably insufficient given the available surface area and the building’s total energy requirements. The integration of solar in construction (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics “BIPV”) therefore needs to be extended to facades, opaque areas as well as windowed, fixed and opening.

Smart, autonomous facades

Together with its partners, Sunpartner is developing innovative solutions to give facades energy autonomy, such as the removal of false ceilings, walls and floors inside a building for when air, heat and light come from the facade. The finalising of EU norm (EN 17037), that concerns lighting in buildings, will be happening soon, and this will establish relevant metrics:

+ The minimum amount of natural light in a building
+ The view on outside
+ The amount of time occupants are exposed to direct light
+ Glare

Format options
ONE PROJECT = ONE SOLUTION with our technical team proposing formats best suited for the building
Design options
Our photovoltaic glass products are available in several designs:
Wysips® Glass, the semi-transparent photovoltaic glass
Available in different levels of transparency, stripes or micro-holes designs
Max. format: 1823 x 2411 mm Installation: integration into standards frames, similar to classical glass products
Wysips® Cameleon, design-look photovoltaic cladding
Available in different colors and motifs
* Color palettes available for the standard designs **Color examples
Max. format: 1192 x 792 mm Installation : Use of standard fixing system, available on the market
Étude de cas : Installation Wysips® Cameleon
Exemple d’un bâtiment situé à Aix-en-Provence Tour tertiaire de bureaux 3600 m² de surface de plancher, R+7, 30% de vitrage en façade Consommation réglementaire au seuil de la RT2012, dont 75% est électrique Consommation électrique non réglementaire de 40 kWh/m².an Installation Wysips® Caméléon Une seule façade entièrement couverte de bardage photovoltaïque Caméléon sur les parties opaques, sauf au RdC (Orientation de la façade Sud-Ouest) Productible estimé sans ombrage sur la façade : 51,45 kWc installés Autoconsommation > 70%
Résultat :
Réduction de la facture électrique de 21% Réduction des consommations réglementaires de 31%, soit un passage au niveau E2 de la réglementation E+C-