Truly and Sunpartner sign agreement to produce solar screens for wearables market

Aix-en-Provence, France, October 10, 2017 – Truly Semiconductors Ltd. (Truly), HKEX-listed screen manufacturer, and SUNPARTNER Technologies, inventor of Wysips® invisible photovoltaic film, are consolidating their partnership with the announcement of a licensing agreement to mass-produce photovoltaic screens for the wearables market beginning in 2018.

IoT: A high-potential market with remaining challenges, including energy autonomy

According to the latest market forecasts from Gartner, 8.4 billion connected “things” will be in use by 2017, up 31% from 2016; that number should rise to over 20.5 billion connected “things” by 2020. China, North America, and Western Europe currently account for 67% of the Internet of Things (IoT). The market is driven largely by smartwatches, which represent 57% of 2017 sales volumes. A similar trend is found by International Data Corporation (IDC), who forecasts that 2 out of 3 wearables sold will be smart watches by 2021.

These advances could become constraints, however, if users are at the mercy of chargers or batteries that need to be changed too frequently. In the fast-growing, highly competitive wearables market, energy autonomy is one of the most pressing challenges facing connected object manufacturers.


Wysips® Reflect photovoltaic modules will be available in high volumes starting in 2018

This licensing agreement consolidates the SUNPARTNER–Truly partnership forged in 2015. The aim was to present prototype LCD screens equipped with Wysips® technology to various manufacturers of connected watches to gather feedback. To leverage the partnerships’ momentum and synergies between SUNPARTNER’s Wysips® Reflect technology and Truly reflective screens, the companies have decided to scale up their production to an industrial level.

The agreement includes a transfer of Wysips® Reflect technology to the Truly production facility in Shanwei, China, as well as support for the mass production of photovoltaic components.

Under the agreement, Truly is licensed to produce and sell SUNPARTNER’s highly transparent Wysips® Reflect technology anywhere in the world, independently or integrated in Truly’s LCD screens.

The production and commercialization of photovoltaic screens will begin in Q2 2018 for integration in mobile devices including smartwatches, connected wristbands, and bicycle computer screens in order to enhance energy autonomy.

By pooling expertise, Truly and SUNPARTNER plan to set a new standard in energy autonomy for connected things in the IoT market. This endeavour should attract the interest of manufacturers of smart watches, located mainly in Switzerland, Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea, Finland, Japan, and the United States.


Wysips® Reflect: groundbreaking technology compatible with all reflective screens

Wysips® Reflect can be integrated in any reflective screen (LCD screens in watches, electronic labels, sensors) as well as a multitude of screenless objects such as analog watches (on the watch back plate or within the safety glass assembly), rear panels on phones, trackers, and more.

With a thickness of just 500 microns, these ultra-thin modules are ideally suited for the various shapes and sizes of connected “things”. The layer can achieve transparency of up to 85%, depending on the characteristics of the area where it is used.

About Truly Semiconductors Limited.

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