To accelerate development Sunpartner approached Nexcis

Sunpartner Technologies continues to develop Wysips®, our transparent photovoltaic component. Wysips® Glass for smart glazing offers a wide range of transparencies (from opaque up to 80% transparency) reaching an energy performance of up to 90 Wp/ m2.

To accelerate development, Sunpartner approached Nexcis, specialized in Building Integrated Photovoltaics and subsidiary of French Energy company EDF in Rousset, France. We signed an agreement for Sunpartner to move into one of Nexcis’ buildings and to capitalize on their expertise by recruiting former Nexcis employees and purchasing equipment.

In 2017, the first large solar glass panels from this high-tech factory will reach the nearby European market. Additional factories may also be set up in other parts of the world with global manufacturers to be closer to end customers. “The expertise of the people who’ve joined our company, including three managers, as well as specialized equipment enable us to jump start production. In 2017, we will make 30,000 m2 per year of transparent PV components,” said Sunpartner’s CEO, Ludovic Deblois.

Deblois plans to rapidly exceed these 30,000 m2 to produce 200,000 m2 of solar glazing in 2022 for the European market, representing 15% of the European market, estimated at 3 billion Euros.